Pastor’s Thoughts

“What is your destination?” That was the question the OnStar  advisors would ask when I needed their assistance. Since I had pushed the OnStar button, I obviously knew where I wanted to go. It didn’t matter how far away or how close it was – they would find the best route to get me there and send it to my vehicle. They were  available anytime – day or night – and they didn’t get testy with me or tell me I had already used up my daily quota of requests.

 “What is my destination?” Sometimes we don’t know the answer. This is a good question to ask from time to time. Sometimes we get caught up in the motions of life without thinking about what the end goal is.

Sometimes our lives go through a crisis, or a major change and we don’t take the time to figure out where we want to be in a week, month, or year from now. We just coast along listlessly or we speed through at a frantic pace.

Don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said about taking time to recover or to ‘reconnoiter,’ but sometimes we get stuck there.    We just keep circling without making any progress. Sometimes we realize that something is amiss, but we struggle to do anything   about it.

“What is your destination?” Time to push the ‘God Star’ button and ask for assistance. “God, I need your help.” Truth is, God is always available, day or night, and we don’t have to worry about using up our daily quota of requests. He loves us and wants us to depend on his guidance and get back on track.

Because your faithful love is right in front of me—
    I walk in your truth! Psalm 26:3 CEB

God cares about your life. God wants to walk with you wherever life’s journey takes you. Even if you find yourself circling, God is right there with you ready to show you how to break out of the cycle. Believe and trust him. He’s got you!

                                                                        Pastor Lisa


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