Hello Tomahawk

Our new Pastor Lisa Weaver will be coming to us from the Pepin and Arkansaw United Methodist Churches, where she has been the Pastor for the past 8 years, and it was her first appointment. Lisa comes to us as a Licensed Local Pastor having having completed her Course of Study in 2020.

The following is a short note that Pastor Lisa sent to the SPRC.

I was born in Chicago, IL. My family moved to Wisconsin when I was 8 years old. It was ten when I experienced church for the first time. We began to worship at a small country church and I came to know about the love of God through Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. I learned what it meant to serve alongside my siblings in Christ. As I grew up, and became an adult, and started raising a family, I have always been a part of a congregation. In each church I have served wherever I was able.

I have been a member of a United Methodist Church since 1999. What really impressed me when I took the membership class, was so much of what Methodists believed was so similar to what I had learned in that little, country church from my childhood. I could say, “Yea and Amen!” to committing my life to serve God as a United Methodist.

I have worked in many different jobs: as a bank teller; a supervisor in retail; maintenance in both a church and nursing home setting: as well as a few other odd jobs.

My husband, Michael, is a United Methodist pastor as well. He is currently serving his fourth appointment at a two-point charge in the North West district. He has been reappointed to Wausau Westly as of July 1, 2021.

We are a blended family having been worried for 14 1/2 years. they have 8 children – 5 mine, and 3 his – all are grown up and living on their own. We have 11 grandchildren. My parents live in an assisted living facility in Chippewa Falls.

I am an avid reader, loves fishing and enjoys digging in the dirt and growing things.

You will find me a very upbeat and a positive person. I get energized participating in worship and helping others to do the same. My passion in ministry is encouraging others to grow in their relationship with God and to live out their faith which includes their presence, gifts, service, prayers, and witness.

I find it a blessing and a privilege to be able to work together in God’s call to minister to the world of God’s love for us through the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We are open for Worship Service on Sundays again. We will still use the Zoom for those who choose or can not get in. We look forward to seeing everyone again and hope everyone is healthy.

What is Normal in These Times

What is normal in these trying times? That is a question everyone seems to be asking. Truth be told, life styles and the way business is conducted has changed considerably and will probably not go completely back to what it was even when they find a vaccination.

We have been using Zoom to transmit our Sunday Service to those with an email address. A link is sent to your email allowing you to watch our service through Zoom at 10:30 am. If you wish to get the link to join in please feel free to call the church and the pastor will get you set up.

After a vaccination is found and we get back to some of what normal used to be and we will probably continue to use Zoom for shut-ins and those who may be traveling or wintering somewhere else and feel the need to stay in touch with their church.

We ask you to keep checking in here on the website and your email for any new information. We will also put any notices in the monthly bulletins.