Pastor’s Thoughts

I recently shared about being grounded by nature.  Digging in the dirt. A walk in the woods. If I come by a great big old tree, I will wrap my arms around it as far as  I can and set my feet. Then I will allow myself to just ‘settle’ into the earth. Feel the connection to the world around me. (Yep, tree-hugging :). Silence grounds me. Fiddling with whatever little things that bring me joy. Even the routine of applying lotion & lip balm before going to bed.

When I feel a bit discombobulated, I find that a little grounding can help to settle my spirit. What is it that grounds you? Each person is unique and so your list of things that ground you will look a little different from mine. Have you been missing that grounding? It is alright to take a time-out for grounding yourself. Fishing, woodworking, singing or listening to music,  sitting in your favorite place, sipping a cup of tea – these can all be ways to ground yourself.

“A peaceful mind gives life to the body…” Proverbs 14:30

Barbara Mahany writes, “In life, we are wise to keep  ourselves stocked deep inside with whatever it takes to weather all that life throws our way. It is resilience with which we must line our inner shelves. And unswerving faith, stored in gallon jugs, to ride out any storm.”*

We need moments of grounding to help us ‘stock up’ for whatever may come. If we are always running around in a frantic hustle, we may find our storehouse empty.

So, ‘stock up.’ Spend some time in these cold, dark days tending to your soul. Breathe deeply, settle in, and ‘give life to your body.’

Pastor Lisa

* The Stillness of Winter: Sacred Blessings of the Season by Barbara Mahany, (Abingdon Press: Nashville) ©2020, p. 130-131.