Trig’s Brat Fry

You know the old saying “Let’s make hay while he sun shines”, so let’s do just that, and keep the fundraising rolling with a Brat Fry at Trigs on July 16th & 17th.   All donations are welcome. We will need setup and take down people, sales people, buns, condiments and of course Brats! Please note if you are thinking of donating Brats we can only accept Old Wisconsin Precooked Brats. If you have any questions please contact Terry Derleth.

Trigs, Great Lakes,Walmart and  County Market usually have them on sale at some time during the summer, hopefully, they will be on sale prior to the brat fry. Keep an eye on the store and if you want to donate, pick up a package and throw it in your freezer. The ones that are usually on sale are the 24 ounce package of 8, the regular price is $7.99, but at times they have them on sale for $5.99…or hopefully less!

So hopefully the sun shines and we receive bales and bales of customers!