Pastor’s Message

Audacious Juniper!

Last Friday, Mike and I traveled to Balsam Lake to bring a twin bed to Jacob’s family. He is my third son. He and Julia have two sons and a daughter. As soon as we pulled up in the yard, Juniper was at my side. She ADORES her Grandmacita! I am not exaggerating that. Once I show up, I am the only person in her world. Once she gets her big hug and a kiss, she is ready to take me all over their little hobby farm and show me all the things that are important to her…

The trampoline that still works even though it is only inches from the ground due to a storm ripping the netting and bottom supports to shreds; the remains of their playhouse (destroyed by the same storm); the newest baby chick; the raspberries – both black and red (and you better eat some!); the new hammock with a demonstration of how it works; the new bed set up in her brother’s room and on and on… You get the picture. She tells me about something and then says, “Follow me!” I obey.

She isn’t afraid of anything. She doesn’t see herself as too small or incapable – she just goes for it with gusto. She also talks with the wisdom of an adult and, ‘tells it like it is’ – even the stuff her parents would rather her NOT tell! We had a great visit even if it was very short.

Juniper’s approach to life is how I believe we are to be with Jesus. First off, Jesus is to be adored above all others in this world. Once he is within sight, there isn’t anyone else in the picture. He gets first place – always.

Secondly, Jesus cares about everything in our lives. He wants to hear about and participate in everything that is important to us. Nothing in our lives is too big, and nothing is too small for Jesus. He wants to share in every aspect of our lives. The joys, the sorrows, the victories, the destruction.

Thirdly, when Jesus says, “Follow me!” We are to obey. No questions asked.

And fourthly, we don’t need to be afraid of anything. We are not too small or incapable – Jesus is with us, helps us, provides what we need for whatever the task is before us.

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10b

Along with Juniper, let’s claim that abundant life in Christ,

 Pastor Lisa