Pastor’s Message


What a glorious morning! The air was cool, and the sun was shining. The perfect day for a church yard clean-up. We had a great group of people working inside and outside the church. Wiping down pews, dusting, cleaning up fallen branches, and pulling weeds. Not only was there much accomplished, but we were also able to share conversation and laughter as we worked.

            These types of activities are great places to learn new things. I learned a new tip for taking up sod when preparing a spot for a new garden. We are learning all the time, even when we think we are not. We learn from repetition; from mistakes; and we learn from one another as we interact together.

            Learning is ageless – we can keep on learning no matter how old we get. Sometimes learning something new is forced on us such as learning how to deal with a new physical disability, a new job, or when downsizing into a smaller home. What really makes or breaks any learning process is attitude.

            I remember my son talking about how they were always training new people at his place of work. He has learned how, within just a few days, to tell who will stay with the job and be an asset to the team or who will wash out of the process before the ninety days are up. If the new employee has a good attitude, works hard, asks questions, and is willing to learn from their mistakes, they will make it. If the new employee complains about everything they are required to do, stands around idle whenever they get a chance, skips out of work without calling in and does a poor job, they will be gone very fast – either by being fired or quitting.

            It can be hard learning new things. Sometimes it makes us uncomfortable and unsure of ourselves and our situation. We may try and avoid doing what is necessary to make the transition. Sometimes we even refuse to listen because we just KNOW that our way is the only way.

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; and  

the willingness to learn is a choice.” Brian Herbert

            God has given each of us the capacity and ability to learn. Every time I dismiss something because it is different or hard, I crush the Holy Spirit’s ability to use me. I may even hamper my church’s ability to grow, heal or move forward. If we are to grow spiritually or are to see growth in our churches, we must open ourselves to learning.

            I am looking forward to trying out the new tip about prepping my garden. Are you looking forward to whatever new thing the Holy Spirit is getting ready to do in your life and in the life of the church?

                                                                        Pastor Lisa